My name is Tony and I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, taking photos (CataldoImages.com), and enjoying nature. Several years ago I started gathering supplies to prepare for emergencies such as earthquakes, storms, etc. I learned a lot about food, water treatment, equipment, etc. I am NOT a hardcore survivalist but I believe everyone should be prepared. I also taught several preparedness seminars at Cabela’s.

Emergency preparedness does NOT have to be difficult or expensive. Almost everyone wants to have some emergency supplies but few actually do. You can start small and add items over time. The key is making a firm decision and starting NOW! Being prepared can give you greater peace of mind and it could save your life.

Food is a key component to preparedness. I joined Thrive Life years ago to have some emergency provisions. I started using the food almost daily because it is tasty, cost effective, and nutritious. I now eat more healthy foods because they are readily available and easy to prepare. Contact me if you have questions about emergency preparedness or about Thrive.