These seminars provide a wealth of emergency preparedness information. Seminars are intended for general emergency preparedness and NOT for doomsday prepping. Each Emergency Preparedness seminar typically requires about 1.5 hours depending on the number of questions and length of discussions.

  • Emergency Preparedness Overview is a general emergency preparedness overview that covers shelter, water, food, illumination, and cooking. This seminar covers lots basic information so be prepared to take notes and ask questions.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Food, Water, Cooking covers water storage, water treatment, food, and food preparation. Topics include food types including short/medium/long-term, food preservation, water, cooking, types of stoves and fuels, primary/secondary water treatment, etc.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Shelter & Warmth presents information on shelter including tents, bivys, sleeping bags, etc. Topics include sleeping bag ratings, fill materials including advantages/disadvantages, what to know about sleeping pads, tents, emergency shelters, and illumination.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Kits & B.O.B. shows how to assemble a variety of preparedness kits including home, hiking, vehicle kits, and Bugout Bag (B.O.B.) Basics. These kits are intended for general purpose needs and not doomsday prepper needs.
  • Data Archiving is critical to preserving your digital assets that contain details about home, vehicles, jobs, education, tax records, receipts, and general information.

These are shorter (about 30 minutes) seminars on a variety of other topics.

  • Camping 101 is an introduction to camping and camping equipment including tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and cooking.
  • Pick the Perfect Tent focuses on tents and other types of shelters. Topics include tent types, select the proper tent for your needs, tent care and maintenance, and tent alternatives.

I can present these seminars for private and community groups who would to be better prepared. Contact me for availability and pricing.