This glossary contain terms used throughout the site and definitions. Many of the entries have links to more detailed articles. Click on terms with a link to view the entire article.

0.02 Water Filter
These water filter can remove debris, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses from water.
A gaseous compound that extends the life of fruit by blocking ethylene, a colorless gas that naturally regulates ripening and aging. This is used to preserve apples placed in cold storage. According to the USDA it is also used to lessen the “de-greening of broccoli, browning of lettuce, and bitterness in carrots.”
10 Essentials
A basic list of items that you should always carry when in the backcountry.
American Knife and Tool Institute.
Annual Template
Ideas for a template used when archiving digital assets for a specific year.
Most grocery store apples are many months old (article).
Asset Template
Ideas for a template used when archiving digital details for assets.
Baby Food
Use nutritious THRIVE freeze-dried food to make your own baby food that is free from additives, chemicals, and preservatives.
Backpack types, sizing, and tactical packs.
Some water filters are cleaned by backflushing. These filters normally include a syringe. To clean the filter you fill the syringe with clean water and then push the water through the filter in the opposite direction of the normal water flow. This process pushes the filtered contaminants out of the filter to increase the filtering rate. Once backflushed the filter can be used normally.
Backup System
Systems that can be used for data backup and archiving.
Baking Soda
Baking Soda has a wide variety of uses including cleaner, toothpaste, antacid, deodorant, etc.
Battery issues including the pros and cons of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.
Battery Types
Summary of the most used types of batteries.
A bivy, or bivouac sack, is a lightweight enclosure to protect a sleeping bag.
Boiling Water
Boiling water is an effective way to kill microorganisms but it will NOT remove debris and dissolved contaminants.
Bugout Bag
This is an emergency kit that you can just “grab and go” in the event of an emergency.
The intensity of light at the hotspot of the beam. Use this value in conjunction with lumen output when selecting a flashlight.
The humble candle is a low-cost and effective way to generate light in the event of a power failure.
Carabiners are strong metal loops with a spring-loaded gate. They are used for climbing and in safety-critical systems.
CERT (FEMA Course)
From FEMA online course: “The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates ordinary people about disaster preparedness and weapons of mass destruction. After a disaster, emergency responders can become overwhelmed by the needs of their community. Damage to communication and transportation systems often further taxes their resources. It is possible that, following a disaster, CERTs may be called to respond to immediate needs in their area.” Becoming a CERT requires course training, individual study, and participating in a simulated disaster. I HIGHLY recommend going through CERT training.
Links to a variety of checklists for emergency preparedness, kits, and camping.
A hemostatic clotting agent used to quickly stop bleeding.
Clotting Agents
Clotting agents are used to quickly stop bleeding. These are very good additions to a basic first aid kit.
Clothing is your first line of defense against the environment, the elements, and against insects. Topics include PPE
Details on cooking, stoves, fuel types, etc.
Community Points of Distribution (CPOD) are places where vital supplies will be distributed during a disaster and recovery.
Emergency Alert System (EAS)
The Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcasts on local television channels or radio stations.
Down Fill Rating
The fill rating measures the loft of the down.
Dry Bag
Dry bags are air-tight, water-tight, muti-used storage bags.
Dutch Oven
A Dutch Oven is a cast iron pot with lid that can used for campfire cooking.
EDC (Every Day Carry) refers to devices designed to be carried on your person every day. These can include flashlights, kubatons, and other small devices. These devices are often concealed or mostly concealed.
EOP – Emergency Operations Plan
Local professional response agencies develop an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that describes how your community will prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency or disaster.
A list of equipment described in this website.
A brand of very durable and high-quality lanterns, flashlights, and tactical lights.
File Formats
Archived documents can be stored in a variety of file formats.
You should always have a way to start a fire and extinguish a fire.
Fire Extinguishers
There are different types of fire extinguishers designed to fight different types of fires. Be sure to include a Class C fire extinguisher in your home and vehicle kits.
First Aid
First aid kit details for home, vehicle, and hiking kits.
Flash Boil Stove
A compact and lightweight backpacking stove primarily designed for boiling water. These highly efficient stoves use a specialized cooking vessel that traps much of the heat generated by the stove burner.
A handheld device that produces a beam of light. Flashlights come in tactical and non-tactical varieties.
Always have a supply of food in your home and vehicle.
Freeze Drying
A dehydration process that preserves food by freezing it and then reducing the surrounding pressure causing the frozen water to go from a solid to a gas. This process removes the water from the product. This process locks-in flavor and nutrients.
Gun Safe
A gun safe is a excellent storage device for firearms, ammunition, valuables, and important documents.
Hats can provide cooling, warmth, and sun/rain protection.
Hank or Hanking
A simple method for bundling cordage so that it is easy to store and deploy. This video was curtesy of Plantbased Outdoors
Hiking Kit
A very small, portable kit that can be easily carried when hiking or being outdoors.
Home Kit
A larger and more comprehensive kit stored in the home.
Your home is normally your first line of defense and shelter in an emergency.
Home Manual
A manual that contains details about your home including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.
A chemical that is very effective as a fire starter.
In Case of Emergency (ICE) information such as phone numbers, contacts, etc. (see nametags).
ICP – Incident Command Post
A CERT Incident Command Post (ICP) is established to manage and direct CERT activities.
ICS – Incident Command System
Professional responders and CERT members use Incident Command System (ICS) to manage and respond to emergencies. The first person on the scene becomes the Incident Commander (IC).
Illumination is important for hiking, home, and vehicle kits.
A water resistance rating that includes splashing of water for 10 minutes.
A waterproof rating that includes immersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
A waterproof rating that includes immersion of up to 3 meters.
A sturdy knife is one of the most important tools in any kit.
A device normally used to illuminate a very wide area such as a room or campsite.
LIES (Limit, Isolate, Eliminate, Separate)
There are many ways to help protect yourself from dangerous chemicals. Use the acronym LIES to help protect yourself, your family, and your home:

  • Limit the amount of hazardous materials that you have stored
  • Isolate products in approved containers, and protect them from sources of ignition
  • Eliminate products that are no longer necessary by disposing of them properly
  • Separate incompatible materials
Choosing the right location for your emergency supplies is critical.
The total light output of a device such as a lantern or flashlight.
A mask can help protect you from airborne contaminants including dust, smoke, and biological hazards.
A handy reference table showing units of measure and conversions.
Mitigation is taking steps to reduce or eliminate problems that can occur during a disaster. Simple mitigation steps include securing water heaters, having adequate fire extinguishers, etc.
Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment.
Memorandum of Understanding.
Meals Ready to Eat are meals that can be heated and eaten with no other equipment. These meals include a heating pack to heat the food.
MSR Guardian Water Filter
A 0.02 micron pump-style water filter.
A compact tool that normally includes pliers or scissors with other useful tools stored in the handles (knife(s), file, screwdrivers, etc.).
A multimeter is an inexpensive device that can check voltage, continuity, and other useful electrical things.
N95 Mask
An N95 mask filter at least 95% of airborne contaminants. These masks are often used in hospitals to protect workers from biological hazards.
Attach engraved metal nametags to each module in your preparedness kits.
A brand of very durable and high-quality lanterns, flashlights, and tactical lights.
Pouch Attachment Ladder System.
Very strong and durable rope that can normally support 550 pounds.
Pant Hose
This high-strength, elastic item can be used for a variety of survival purposes including first aid, added warmth, protection against parasites, pre-filtering water, etc. This sounds strange but read the article.
Patch Kit
Use this kit for minor repairs to clothes and gear.
A pesticide often used to treat clothing to make them insect resistant and to treat fleas and ticks in dogs. Permethrin can be harmful to cats.
Personal Template
Ideas for a template used when archiving personal data such as employment details, education, and general information.
Personal Water Filters
These are small, lightweight, and highly portable filters used for low-volume water filtration.
Communications and phone services could be severely impacted in an emergency.
An antioxidant found in apples and other fruits and vegetables.
Potassium Permanganate
An inorganic chemical used for treating wounds and for water purification. I will try to write a detailed article soon.
White Gas vs. Propane and Refilling Propane Bottles.
In a disaster the communication systems will almost certainly be overloaded or damaged. In Mt Vernon, WA there was an incident where the top of a semi-truck struck a truss on one of the bridges on I-5. One span of the bridge to collapsed and this incident overloaded the cell network. If a relatively minor disaster caused the cell system to fail then imagine how a large scale disaster will overload the communications infrastructure.
Rain Gear
Rain gear can help protect you from the elements and from the dangers of hypothermia.
Rockwell Hardness
The metallurgical standard for testing metal hardness. Premium knife steels are typically 58-64 Rockwell hardness.
Saws are very useful for clearing fallen trees and branches after a storm.
Maker of very high quality water filters, insect repellents, and first aid supplies. Most Sawyer water filters last for 100,000 gallons (Sawyer Mini, Sawyer Squeeze, and Sawyer Zero PointTWO).
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain information about products.
Sewing Kit
Use this kit for minor repairs to clothes and gear.
Shelter-In-Place is when you limit your activity to your residence.
Sleeping Bag
Select an appropriate sleeping bag to keep you warn while on the trail or during a power failure.
Sleeping Pad
Select an appropriate sleeping pad for comfort and to insulate you from the ground.
A sparker creates sparks that can ignite fire tinder. These work even when wet.
The brand name of a family of ultraviolet water purifiers.
An overview of portable stoves.
A brand of very durable and high-quality lanterns, flashlights, and tactical lights.
Surgical Tubing
Surgical tubing is very lightweight and can have multiple uses in vehicle kits, hiking kits, and bugout bags.
Use of close quarters military-style tactics.
Tactical Flashlight
A flashlight that can be used for self defense or as a weapon. These are extremely bright, extremely durable, and usually machined from aircraft grade aluminum.
Iced tea recipes.
Ideas for digital templates used when archiving your digital assets.
Tents can be used as a shelter for camping and in emergency situations.
A brand of very high-quality freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. Use my THRIVE portal to purchase food items or contact me about becoming a distributor.
Tinder is used when starting a fire. The igniter lights the tinder and the tinder then ignites the kindling.
UV Water Purifier
An electronic device that renders bacteria and viruses harmless in drinking water.
Vehicle Kit
A kit that should always be present in your vehicle.
On a tent a vestibule is an area or enclosure attached to the tent entrance. Some tents have an integrated vestibule on the rain cover. Larger tents, such as outfitter tents, can have optional vestibules that attach to the entryway and the vestibule resembles a smaller tent. Vestibules can be used for added space, for storing gear, as a dining area (on outfitter tents), etc.
This is a link to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources website.
Articles about water filtration, water purification, storage, and extremely fouled water.
A heavy-duty, stackable container for water, food, ammunition.
Wicking Fabric
Wicking fabric allows moisture to move away from your body for greater comfort.
A loud whistle is used for signaling especially when hiking.