I will present a basic Emergency Preparedness Seminar at the Rodrigues Services office Wednesday 7/25 at 7-8:30pm. The address is 3427 Broadway in Everett, WA just north of the AquaSox stadium. There is a chiropractic office on the first floor. Admission is free and questions are highly encouraged. Email or text me if you would like to attend (seating is limited).

Question: Is anyone using my website? I spent hundreds of hours writing articles and reviews and have received no comments, inquiries, or orders. I tried to provide useful information and would like to know if any of it is being used.

Being prepared means taking action before a disaster to lessen its impacts and protect lives and property. Essential services may not be available for hours, days, or weeks after a major event. This website provides basic preparedness information, tips, tricks, and product reviews. Emergencies can take many forms including:

Being prepared does NOT need to be difficult or expensive. You can create kits for home, vehicle, hiking, and general disasters. You have insurance to protect your car, health, and home. Emergency supplies are just another type of insurance. Most people want to have emergency supplies but few actually do. Start your kits with some basics and expand them over time.

Start assembling your kits NOW! If you wait then you may never get started. Register as a subscriber and leave comments on my articles. I also provide emergency preparedness presentations and cooking demonstrations for Thrive Life freeze dried foods.

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