Road Trip Checklist

Be sure to prepare yourself, your supplies, and your vehicle before a road trip. You should have a complete Vehicle Kit and it would be good to also bring your Bugout Bag. A little preparation can save headaches and, in extreme cases, could save your life. Make sure that your vehicle is in good repair by checking these basics:

Check Brakes including pads, rotors, and/or drums
Engine oil should be full and filter should be clean
Air filter should be clean
Tires should have sufficient tread and should be properly inflated
Coolant should be full and replace hoses with cracks or leaks
Washer fluid should be full
Spare tire should be inflated and in good condition
Jack should be in working order
Basic tools including ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.
Tape for emergency repairs (duct and electrical tape)

Many repair shops and tire stores will perform a free or low-cost vehicle trip inspection. In the Northwest we have Les Schwab Tires and they normally do an excellent job in checking my vehicle. When packing your vehicle here is a checklist of items (in alphabetical order):

Bugout Bag with emergency supplies
Chargers for phones and other portable devices
Cookware such as pot, skillet, plates, utensils, cups, etc.
Engine Oil: At least 2 quarts
Food such as freeze dried meals, cans, packages, water, etc.
Hiking Kit if you plan on hitting the trails
Plastic: Small roll of clear, heavy, plastic for emergency window repairs
Sleeping Pad
Stove with plenty of fuel
Tent: Be sure to setup and inspect before leaving
Vehicle Kit with jumper cables, flares, rain gear, tow cable, tape, etc.
Water: At least 2 gallons