This may sound like a trivial detail but a nametag could save your life. Add sturdy metal nametags to each module in your preparedness kits. I used a metal engraving machine that I found at a local Walmart and each engraved tag cost $6. I selected the bright silver finish because it will serve as a nametag and it could also be used as a signal mirror. This small tag will NOT be an ideal signal mirror but it could be used if all else fails. I engraved this information on my tags:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Blood type
  • ICE phone number #1 (In Case of Emergency)
  • ICE phone number #2

If you are in need of emergency care then having your blood type readily available could save medical personnel valuable time in providing treatment. Firmly attach the tag to the outside of each bag or container. The tag should be immediately visible. I attach the nametag to a zipper pull tab on the outside of my backpacks and cases.

Example nametag:

Joe the Surfer
Blood: Red
ICE: 222-333-4444
ICE: 333-444-5555