Wicking Fabric

A huge factor in being prepared, especially on trails, is having the proper attire. Some type of clothes and fabrics work better than others. Your clothing and fabric choices can be the difference comfort and misery.

In the outdoors you want clothes that wick moisture away from your body. Wicking fabrics move moisture away from your skin to keep you dry. The capillary action of the fabric moves the moisture away from you to keep you dry.

Fabrics such as cotton absorb moisture and are NOT a good choice when hiking. Excellent wicking fabrics include polyester, polypropylene, and merino wool. On warm days I often wear silk shirts because they wick away moisture. Some Hawaiian aloha shirts are made from silk and many have bright patterns that are easy to see on trails.

Merino wool is a excellent choice for clothing and socks. It provides excellent wicking and also warmth.