Medical Emergency or Quarantine

The coronavirus outbreak was a real eye-opener and a test for how people can react in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, people have not reacted well to this test. There are measures that you can take in shelter-in-place (SIP) situations such as quarantine or extreme snow situation. Even if you are unprepared you probably have food in your pantry (article).

The COVID-19 coronavirus created extreme worldwide turmoil, fear, panic, and uncertainty (What is Coronavirus). An epidemic is particularly frightening because of uncertainty. Remember that no matter what the emergency it is best to think clearly and keep your wits about you. Do NOT throw caution to the wind. During the epidemic some would say that they refuse to allow the situation to control their lives and they will go about their normal activities. This attitude is foolhardy and could be disastrous. You may be strong and you may not get the disease, however, you could become a carrier and cause needless sickness and death.

During my CERT training we were taught to always take care of ourselves. I call this being Selflessly Selfish (article). If you protect yourself then you are helping to protect your family and those around you. Do NOT take unnecessary risks. If you stay healthy then you can help others and you will not add to burden on the limited resources available. A mask can help protect you but be sure that you have the proper type of mask and that you are handling it correctly.