You and your vehicle should be prepared for emergency. A vehicle problem can happen to you or you could encounter another motorist in trouble. Vehicle emergencies can include

  • Vehicle failure including breakdown or lack of fuel
  • Accident
  • Stopped due to bad road conditions or bad weather
  • Getting severely lost

When preparing a vehicle kit be sure to have supplies for both you and your vehicle. Having extra supplies is also a good idea because you could have passengers or you may need to help another motorist. Your vehicle kit should include these supplies

  • Tools including sockets, screwdrivers, jumper cables, etc.
  • Signaling devices such as reflectors, flares, flashlights, lantern
  • Food, water, water purifier, optional cooking equipment
  • Clothes including waterproof suit, warm garments, hat, etc.
  • Shelter including space blanket and/or bivy

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