Tony’s Bugout Bag

My current Bugout Bag (B.O.B.)

Outside MOLLE Straps and Zipper Pulls

These are basic items stored on the outside of the pack for easy access.

  • Carabineer rated to at least 20 kN (almost 4,500 lbs) on MOLLE straps
  • Multi-Frequency Whistle as a zipper pull
  • Bright Chrome Nametag used as zipper pull and signal mirror (name, phone #, blood type, ICE (In Case of Emergency) phone numbers

Small Front Pocket — First Aid Kit (details)

I have duplicate first aid kits in my hiking kit and Bugout Bag. I would rather duplicate the kits than risk not having the kit when I need it. You could build a single kit and move it between packs but if you forget to move the kit then you risk not having it. I would rather err on the side of caution and have two kits. I added these items to the store bought kit:

Organizer Pocket

  • Small notepad, ball point pen, Sharpie pen
  • Small Zipper Pocket (right): bandaids, alcohol swabs for quick access
  • Larger Zipper Pocket (left): batteries in poly bags (AAA alkaline and CR123), small knife sharpener, Leatherman multi-tool
  • Business cards with contact details
  • Small Open Pocket (front): insect repellent (tube), After Bite (tube), Streamlight Stylus Pro flashflight (batteries removed)
  • Large Open Pocket (back): thin plastic poncho, thin waterproof gloves, small microfiber towel, tent stakes with bicycle tire rubber bands

Medium (Middle) Compartment — Food & Power

  • SOL Emergency Bivy
  • Heavy emergency blanket/tarp
  • Tube Kit with Carmex, toothpaste, toothbrush, glues, etc.
  • Sawyer Mini water filter
  • Insect net (for head)
  • Front Zipper Pocket
    • Very thin 12″ x 8″ cutting board (Daiso)
    • Goal Zero Nomad 7+ solar panel with phone USB adapter
    • Recharge Kit: Goal Zero Guide 10 USB battery charger, AAA adapter, 2 sets of rechargeable AA and AAA batteries
  • Back/Top Zipper Pocket (food)
    • USF (or similar) ration bar (2400 calorie minimum)
    • Room for additional food
    • Utensils: Plastic utensils or spork, chopsticks (3 pairs)/li>
  • Back/Bottom Zipper Pocket (repairs)
    • Sewing/Patch kit
      • Tape Card in poly bag with medium zip ties
      • Large, heavy zip ties (150# limit, least 2′ long, 3 minimum) in poly zip bag
    • Rear Zipper Compartment (clothes)
    • Clothes/Weather Kit
      • Dry bag
      • Breathable, waterproof jacket
      • Breathable, waterproof pants
      • Panty hose
      • Thermal underwear pants
      • Fleece balaclava (head cover)
    • Small package of air filters
    • Stanley Mountain Compact Cook Set
      • Stainless steel scrubber
      • Fire kit: Sparker, disposable lighter, storm matches, tinder