Saws & Pruners

You should be prepared for storms since they occur on a regular basis. Storms can cause power outages, flooding, winds, etc. During and after a strong storm you may have to contend with fallen trees, branches, and other debris. These objects can damage buildings, block roads and driveways, and wreak havoc in yards. You could be on a road trip and get stuck because of branches, fallen trees, etc.

You should have ways to clear fallen trees and branches. Saws are very necessary tools in both your home and vehicle kits.

  • Good: (hiking/vehicle kits) I like having a multitool that includes a saw. These small saws could cut through small branches that could be used for firewood or building a shelter. It is good to have a multi-tool in hiking and vehicle kits. You can also use a wire saw or hand chain saw (small and lightweight).
    (home) have a small, but aggressive, hand saw that can cut larger diameter branches.
  • Better: (vehicle kit) Keep a medium-sized foldable saw or collapsible bow saw in your vehicle kit. These saws can cut through larger diameter wood.
    (home) For home you should have some strong pruners, larger bow saw, and loppers for cutting larger branches.
  • Best: For home it would be good to have a chainsaw for cutting larger wood. If trees fall you should have a way of removing them. With a chainsaw you will also need fuel for a 2-stroke engine, bar oil, sharpener, and tools to disassemble and reassemble the saw.

Be sure to have the appropriate support items for your cutters. You must be able to sharpen your equipment. You should have the tools to disassemble, fix, and re-assemble your chainsaw. A chainsaw also requires fuel, bar oil, cleaning, and adjusting.