Trekking Poles

********** This page is still under construction **********

Trekking poles may seem like unneeded items at first but I now believe that they are nearly indispensable. On longer hikes I would never consider NOT using them. Advantages of using trekking poles include:

  • Additional support when walking and they reduce slipping
  • Provide some protection when walking through brush
  • Reduces the strain on your knees
  • Can check the stability of the ground in front of you
  • Can check the depth of water
  • Some protection from predators
  • Can be used as a support for an improvised shelter

When using trekking poles I find that they lessen the strain on my knees and slightly increase the strain on my arms and shoulders. Normally when hiking my knees and ankles that the brunt of the strain and the poles tend to spread the strain between my lower and upper body.

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