Poly Zip Bags

Clear plastic zipper bags are extremely useful with preparedness kits. These inexpensive bags come in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. Some of the most useful are the very small bags. You can purchase these at craft stores and other department stores (Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Fred Meyer, etc.). Use these in preparedness kits, around the house, in the garage, and in your vehicle. Some of the uses include:

  • Store batteries to keep them dry and isolated. If batteries leak then they will only affect the batteries in the bag.
  • Protect your waterproof matches: The matches are normally waterproof but the box and striker strip is normally NOT waterproof.
  • Storing First aid supplies such as bandages in bags protects them and makes them easier to find.
  • Storing and organizing small parts is much easier when using small zip bags.

I highly recommend purchasing different sizes of bags. You will find MANY uses for these bags as you build your kits. Use the heavier freezer bags or food storage bags for larger items. Some food storage bags are very tough and can withstand boiling water and microwave ovens.

Batteries in Poly Bag
Fire Mini Kit

Larger Poly Zip Bags

Use the stronger freezer bags to store larger items in your kits. These bags have a variety of uses:

  • Storing and organizing items
  • Waterproof containers
  • Water carriers and water storage

While watching a survival show they showed an ingenious way to convert snow to water. Eating snow if very bad because you need about 10 gallons of snow to get one gallon of water. Eating snow will also reduce your core body temperature. On the show they filled a poly bag with snow and then urinated into a smaller bag. They then placed the sealed urine bag in the larger snow bag to melt the snow. Your urine will be about 98° and, when sealed in a zip bag, could be used as a hot water bottle for warming yourself or melting snow.