Concealed Carry

Glock G23 Gen4 (.40 caliber)
Compact frame
13-round magazine capacity
Second most popular pistol with law enforcement

Glock G36 Single Stack (.45 Auto)
Subcompact slimline frame
Single stack magazine is only 1.13″ wide

Glock G42 Single Stack (.380 Auto)
Subcompact slimline frame is ideal for users with smaller hands
Safe Action® safety system
Limited lifetime warranty
Smallest Glock pistol

Glock G43 Single Stack (9mm)
Beaver tail grip which allows for high and tight grip
Aggressive texture for better grip


G17 Gen4
Standard frame
Full-sized grip
Modular back strap

G19 Gen4 (9mm)
Compact frame with “whole hand” grip
15-round magazine capacity
Best selling Glock pistol

G21 Gen4 (.45 Auto)

G22 Gen4 (.40 caliber)
Preferred pistol for law enforcement
15 round capacity
Dual recoil spring

G40 Gen4 (10mm)
Full 6″ barrel
15-round magazine