Stop Bleeding

If you have an open wound then stopping the bleeding is critical. In most cases the best way to stop bleeding is to find the source of the bleeding and apply direct pressure. With multiple cuts focus on the worst one first. Take a sterile compress, place it directly on the wound, and apply pressure. If the compress becomes soaked with blood then place another compress over the last one and apply pressure. Do NOT remove compresses. If you cannot stop the bleeding using compresses and pressure then consider using a clotting agent. Elevating the wound above the level of the heart should help reduce bleeding.

Other method of stopping bleeding include:

  • Many wounds can be sealed using Steristrips or butterfly bandages. You can use a disposable razor to remove hair around the wound so the adhesives on the butterfly bandages or Steristrips will be more effective.
  • A clotting agent can quickly stop bleeding if the direct pressure methods do not work.
  • Once the wound is closed you can use a small amount of superglue on the outside of the wound to seal the skin.

Do NOT stitch wounds closed unless you have sterile sutures and sterile needle.