Food Ration Bars

Ration Bars are high-calorie, highly concentrated food rations. These are normally very high in salt and calories. These normally are not pleasant to eat but can supply needed calories in an emergency. While these are not the ideal food they should be part of an emergency kit.

Advantages of ration bars include:

  • Bars are compact and take little room in an emergency kit
  • High calorie to provide fuel for your body
  • Sealed in tough wrappers and have a long shelf life
  • Low cost

Disadvantages of ration bars include:

  • Normally high in salt and can make you thirsty
  • Taste is less than desirable (they generally taste very bad)

I have ration bars in my vehicle kit and Bugout Bag. I try to keep more eatable bars in my hiking kit. These ration bars are NOT something that you would want to eat but if you were in a bad situation they would provide needed calories. Be sure to check the dates and replace them when they expire.