Thrive conducted field testing using 126 families of four. These families used 50% of Thrive foods in their meals and enjoyed an average monthly savings of $160. The average household throws away about 25% of the fresh food that they purchase. Thrive foods have a long shelf life and long use life once opened.

For me the big advantage with Thrive was the increased nutritional quality of my food. Before Thrive I would rarely buy spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, etc. I simply could not eat certain foods quickly enough before having to throw them away. With Thrive I eat these products very often and enjoy the nutritional benefits of those products. My grocery spending stayed about the same but the taste and nutritional value of my meals increased significantly.


In addition to being convenient and healthy Thrive foods are also economical. For example

  • Sausage Crumbles ($56.69): One #10 can yields about 8.5 lbs of sausage which equates to $6.67/lb. These precooked crumbles have nearly all of the fat removed. Fresh pork it could easily contain 25% fat and the 1lb of fresh port would yield about 0.75lbs. If you reduce the Thrive price by 25% to account for the removed fat then the price per pound is about $4.67.
  • Corn ($18.89): One 15 oz can of corn is equivalent to 1.5 cups of Thrive corn.
  • Spinach ($28.89): A #10 can of Thrive Spinach is equivalent to 11-1/4 bags of spinach. At $3/bag Thrive Spinach is priced similarly to store-bought spinach and the Thrive Spinach will last much longer.

Additional Information

  • Each #10 can hold about 14 cups of water.
  • A #10 holds about the same as 4 pantry cans at 3 times the cost