Most grocery store fruits and vegetables were harvested days, weeks, or months before you purchase them. Foods can quickly lose nutrition value after they are picked. Most were picked before their peak and are ripened in transit or artificially. Thrive foods are picked at their peak and flash frozen within 2-6 hours. They are then freeze dried at -51° to lock in nutrients and flavor. The freeze-drying process makes it possible to have a 25-year shelf life with no additives or preservatives.

Disadvantages Traditional grocery store food handling include:

  • Products are NOT picked at their peak and cannot ripen naturally
  • Food gains significant nutritional value 10-14 days before peak ripeness
  • Nutrient levels are significantly reduced during transport, storage, and distribution
  • Products, such as apples, are often many months old (details)
  • Canned products often have a 40% nutrition loss (60% if you discard the brine)

Some of the nutritional benefits of Thrive foods include:

  • Packed with no additives or preservatives
  • Only 0-2% nutrition loss with Thrive
  • Flavor of ingredient is preserved
  • Green beans lose 52% of vitamin C within 2 days — Thrive green beans do NOT have this loss
  • Thrive blueberries have 40% more calcium than grocery store perishable blueberries
  • Spinach loses 100% of its Vitamin C within 4 days of being picked – Thrive spinach contains:
    • 6 times more vitamin A
    • 4.75 times more Vitamin C
    • 5.8 times more Calcium
  • Thrive green peas have up to 4x more vitamin E than grocery store peas
  • Thrive broccoli has up to 52% more vitamin B than grocery store broccoli
  • Thrive green beans have up to 77% more vitamin C than grocery store beans
  • Thrive peaches have 21 times more vitamin C than most store-bought perishable peaches

In summary, Thrive foods are picked at their peak freshness and flash frozen with 2-6 hours. Freeze drying locks in flavor and nutrients and gives products a shelf-life of up 25 years. You can eat better, have a greater variety of ingredients, and have no wasted product.