The Ultimate Flashlight

If a flashlight company asked me what I would want in the ultimate flashlight this would be my list. There are many lights that are close but none that I have found that hits all items on my list. I am sure that the flashlight described here would be extremely popular. The most important factor is this would be a tactical and emergency flashlight designed for comfortable everyday carry (EDC). It would use multiple sources and could be charged using my solar kit. It would also be extremely durable. I want a useable, working light and I have no need for marketing hype such as half a dozen different lighting and power modes.

Features include:

  • Beam Output: 3-4 beam settings: high (at least 800 lumens), medium (optional), low, and tactical strobe
  • Beam Pattern: Hybrid beam (at 3′ it would generate a 41″ beam diameter with 6″ hotspot) high candela center hotspot that is at least 18,000 candela
  • Runtime: 2 hours on highest setting with largest battery
  • Construction: Machined from aircraft grade aluminum or titanium with mild strike bezel on front and rear
  • Size/Weight: No more than 5″ long and 7/8″ diameter
  • Batteries: Two CR123s, or one 18650 rechargeable battery, or one AA (would have reduced light output) with low battery indicator
  • Charging via external USB charger (optional sealed magnetic charger that does not compromise waterproof rating)
  • Waterproof: IPX7 or IPX8 waterproof
  • Durability: Extreme and impact tested
  • Switches: Side selector switch and tail activation switch with momentary ON or click for sustained ON
  • Clip: Removable double clip
  • Operation: Use tailswitch for momentary or continuous ON

The flashlight would be very simple and the beam would move from high to low to strobe. The selector switch would only function when the light was ON. Turn on the light and press the selector switch until the desired beam appears. Turn the light OFF and that beam appears when it is turned ON using the tailswitch. This way you can easily set the light to activate with whatever beam is desired. When walking at night I would want the strobe to come on immediately. When hiking I want low beam first. For general use I want the high beam to activate first.

One key function is a low power indicator. The selector switch would change colors depending on the power level of the battery. One potentially fatal flaw in most flashlights is having no idea if the flashlight will work. Some of my favorite flashlights will be at full power one day and dead the next day. If I was in a bad situation with an attacker I need to know that the flashlight has the power to be effective.

The flashlight must be small enough to carry but large enough to extend past the palm of my hand so that I can use both sides of the light as a striking weapon.

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