Knife Recommendations

If you cruise around the Internet you can find entire websites and many YouTube videos devoted to knives. I do not pretend to be a knife expert but I have a few basic recommendations here. There are MANY excellent knives on the market so do your homework before choosing one.

The SOG Seal Team Strike is a good, all-around utility knife that should perform well in many situations. It uses AUS-8 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 56-58. This type of steel will do a good job of holding an edge, is strong but not too brittle, and will be relatively easy to sharpen. This knife has a slightly slimmer blade profile and the combination blade allows for splitting, chopping, and sawing using the serrated area. The blade is well balanced and the deluxe sheath contains a knife sharpener, sparker, and sliding cutout for quick cutting of rope and fishing line. The Seal Strike is priced at about $75 with deluxe sheath.

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