Home Kit

When preparing your home you need to address (1) hazard mitigation and (2) disaster preparations. Hazard mitigation involves removing or reducing potential hazards in your home. Disaster preparedness includes plans and preparations in the event of a disaster.

Your home kit will be the most extensive kit (checklist). Your vehicle or hiking kits may contain some items needed in your home kit. You can use items in your other kits or duplicate items for your home kit. You should know how to shutoff utilities and install fire extinguishers and detectors in your house. When building a home kit add items in the following order:

  • Home Preparation including detectors, extinguishers, shut-off tools
  • Shelter to keep yourself warm and dry
  • Water storage and filtration
  • Non-perishable Food and cooking equipment (for at least 5 days)
  • Illumination when the power fails

The suggestions are arranged in a good, better, best list. The “good” is the minimum requirement. If you have the resources then add the “better” items but keep the “good” items. Add the “best” items after all other “good” items are present in all of your preparedness kits.

Additional Information