Patch & Sewing Kit

Your vehicle kit and Bugout Bag should include supplies for sewing, patching, and some general fix-it needs. Group these small items into a mini kit that you can add to the larger kits. Items in this mini kit should include:

  • Sewing Kit that includes:
    • Multiple needles including curved needles
    • Assortment of thread in different colors and thicknesses
    • Assortment of buttons
    • Assortment of pins including safety pins and straight pins
  • Duct Tape wrapped around a small spool or a plastic card
  • Electrical Tape that can used for fixes, first aid, lashing branches together for shelters, etc.
  • Patches such as Tenacious Tape round patches and dry bag patches (included with many dry bags)
  • Fishing Line for repairs, fishing, etc.
  • Super Glue in small, unopened containers.

The sewing needles should have eyelets large enough to accommodate the thickest thread in the kit and the filaments used in your paracord. Some paracord has inner cordage that can be removed sometimes you can separate the threads of the outer paracord. Be sure that you have multiple needles for your thread.

I use a heavy zip bag to group these items into a mini kit to make them easy to find and access. Part of being prepared is being organized. Items in this kit could also be used for first aid in extreme situations. The needles and thread could be sterilized and used for stitching large wounds. Only use this stitching option as a last resort if all other options failed. Super Glue can also be used for gluing skin wounds.

Examples of Kit Items

Tenacious tapes comes in different formats. The tape and patches are effective, small, extremely lightweight, and inexpensive. They can be used for repair clothes, air pads, tents, bags, backpacks, and a variety of other equipment. The patch pack includes two black and two clear patches. The tape contains a 3″ x 20″ clear tape.