Vehicle First Aid Kit

Bandages Adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes including small, medium, and large. These can be used for minor injuries. Include butterfly bandages that can used for wound closure. Include at least three of each size bandage.
Gauze Dressings Gauze dressings in a variety of sizes including gauze rolls and pads.
Medications Include pain relievers and anti-inflammatory tablets including Ibuprofen and extra strength non-aspirin tablets.
Cleansing Pads A variety of alcohol pads. These pads can dry over time so they should be rotated with new ones occasionally.
Antiseptic BZK antiseptic towelettes or antiseptic cream. Apply after cleaning a wound to help prevent infection.
Sting Relief Sting relief or After Bite can alleviate itching and infection after insect bites.
Tape Include a roll of medical tape and electrical tape. Use the medical tape first and use the electrical tape as a backup. Electrical tape is light, strong, and there is a normally 100′ in a roll.
Vinyl Gloves Gloves can protect you when rendering first aid to others and can also decrease the chance of infection in someone being treated.
First Aid Guide A guide can give you instructions when rendering first aid.
Cotton Swabs Sterile cotton swaps can be useful when cleaning wounds.
Emergency Blanket An emergency blanket or bivy can help the injured person retain heat.