Seminar Introduction

This is the general introduction to each of the preparedness seminars.

Why Prep?

Preparedness is not just for the doomsday survivalists. Everyone should have some basic provision in the event of a storm or other emergency. Having some preparations and plans can save lives and give you some peace of mind. Be prepared for emergencies such as:

  • Earthquake, storm, etc.
  • Emergency evacuations for gas leaks, train derailment, truck accident, etc.
  • Being stranded due to vehicle trouble
  • Being stuck on a trail
  • Being in an accident or having to help an accident victim
  • Infrastructure disruption including road, food, and water

There is no downside to being prepared. Being prepared is easy and affordable. Start NOW and add items as you can afford. You have insurance for your vehicle, home, health – preparedness is form of insurance.

Rule of Threes

Be very aware of the survival Rule of Threes:

  • You can survive for about three minutes without air
  • You can survive for about three hours without shelter (in very bad conditions)
  • You can survive for about three days without water
  • You can survive for about three weeks without food

Of course, these time periods can vary dramatically depending on specific conditions but these can be used as a general rule of thumb. Be mindful of the Rule of Threes when creating your preparedness plans and kits.

Introducing Tony Cataldo

Let me introduce myself. I am Tony Cataldo and I am a software and systems engineer who enjoys photography. I like getting outdoor to take photos and doing hiking and road trips. I am not a Bear Grylis wilderness survival guy. I am just an average guy who wanted to get some supplies ready in the event of an emergency. While building preparedness kits I learned a fair bit about preparedness and survival. I created this website so that I could pass along some of the thing that I learned in this journey. I hope the information on this website is helpful.

Different Types of Prepping

There are different forms of prepping from casual to doomsday. Doomsday Preppers are preparing for a complete governmental and economic collapse. These preppers want to prepare for an end to the world as we know it, literally. They have alternate housing, stored food, food growing and production, hunting and outdoor skills, armaments, and barter items such as silver or gold. These preppers plan to survive and thrive after a complete societal collapse.

This course does not deal with doomsday scenarios. The goal is provide basic prepping for likely emergencies including storm, evacuation, earthquake, vehicle breakdown, getting stuck on a trail, or dealing with an accident. If you want to get into doomsday prepping then the information that I will present will be the Prepping-101 that you could build upon to take your prepping to the next level.