Tent Care & Maintenance

When using your tent be sure to stake it to the ground. I have seen tents rolling down the road like big tumbleweeds in strong winds. Drive your stakes at an angle so that they are more secure.

Tents require some care and maintenance. If you take care of your tent then it can last a very long time. One of my tents is a Eureka A-frame style that I purchased in probably late 1970s and it still work just fine. To keep your tent in good shape be sure to give it some routine maintenance.

Clean and Dry the tent after your trip. Never store a wet tent. You can normally clean your tent using a hose or large tub of water.

Pack the Tent carefully when finished. Fold and roll it properly to help preserve the fabric.

Seam Seal along the stitches. Seam Sealer fills the puncture holes on the stitches to make then waterproof or water resistant. The most likely place to have a leak is on the stitches.

Water Seal the tent using a water repelling spray or sealer. Use the canvas cleaner and treatment if you have a canvas tent.

Patch Holes in the tent using patches, tenacious tape, etc. You can also have a tailor sew a patch. Inspect the patches before using the tent the next time to be sure that they are working.

Setup and Inspect your tent before each use. Check the fabric, seams, zipper, and grommets. Patch or sew tears or holes as soon as possible and be sure the tent is properly sealed.