Review: Cabela’s E-VAC 2CR-123

The Cabela’s E-VAC 2CR-123 is a small, durable, tactical flashlight powered by two CR-123 batteries. It features a push-pull head to adjust the beam from very wide to very narrow. I have the older version that outputs 300-lumens and the current version generates a 500-lumen beam. This flashlight is manufactured for Cabela’s by LED Lenser, a respected and reputable manufacturer of high quality flashlights. The E-VAC is a little larger than I prefer as an everyday carry but it would make a very nice belt flashlight. The beam color is more white than other lights, such as the Streamlights. The light pattern is very even and there is no noticeable hotspot in the center of the beam. With the focusing collar pushed in the E-VAC produces a square-ish beam pattern . When the head is extended it produces a very large and even beam. Package contents include:

  • E-VAC flashlight with batteries installed
  • Heavy nylon sheath with closure flap and beltloop
  • Lanyard cord
  • Instructions and warranty papers
  • Two spare CR-123 batteries

The included belt sheath is quite nice. Most flashlight sheaths are made from soft nylon fabric and these ordinary sheaths are function but unimpressive. The E-VAC sheath is actually one that you would purchase if it was not included with the flashlight. These are some of the pro and cons for the sheath:

  • Good: Heavy reinforced and rigid nylon with heavy stitching
  • Good: Velcro closure for fast open/close (better than snaps)
  • Good: Elastic sides for a secure fit
  • Good:Small loops on the top of the elastic sides for added attachment points
  • Bad: Belt loop does not hold sheath securely when removing flashlight

I like the matte metal finishing on this flashlight. My Streamlights are fantastic lights and they use a smooth and more polished finished. The E-VAC has a less polished finish giving it a dull, black appearance. This dull finish gives the light a more grippy feel that feels secure in my hand.

  • Construction: Machined aluminum with aggressive front strike bezel
  • Size: 5-1/2 to 5-5/8″ long, 1-1/8″ head, 7/8″ body
  • Waterproof: IPX4 water resistant
  • Light Output
    300-lumen: High (300 lumens) for 6 hours, low (20 lumens) for 20 hours, strobe
    500-lumen: High (500 lumens) for 2 hours, low (60 lumens) for 3.5 hours, strobe
  • Batteries: 2 CR-123 batteries
  • Beam Pattern: Very even beam with no hotspot
  • Beam Focusing
    300-lumen: At 3′ it generates a 14″ square zoomed and 48″ diameter on wide
    500-lumen: At 3′ it generates a 17″ square zoomed and 54″ diameter on wide


Operating the light is different than what I am accustomed to. The flashlight switches between high, low, and strobe modes. With my other flashlights I activate the light and it always generates the high beam. I can then click to low and strobe modes.

The E-VAC operates differently. If you activate the high beam and turn it off then the next time you turn on the light it will be in low beam. If you turn it off and on again it will be in strobe mode. If you want the light to always generate the same light pattern then you must click the button twice with turning it off (to cycle through the unwanted modes). Turn off the light when the LOW beam is showing and the next time to activate the light it will be in STROBE mode. Off in HIGH beam and next ON will be LOW beam. Off in STROBE and next ON will be in HIGH beam.

Tactical Use

The E-VAC has a more aggressive front strike bezel. I generally do not like focusable flashlights for tactical use because the sliding head can severely pinch you if you strike with it while the head is extended. This flashlight is a 5.5″ long and the main body section is about 3.25″. This length is sufficiently large to keep my palm away from the sliding head if I am careful. If you have large hands then you must be aware that the sliding head could severely pinch and injure your hand. If you retract the head for tactical use then you will generate a highly focused and intense beam and reduce the risk of pinching your hand. A highly focused beam could be both a blessing and a curse depending on the situation. The beam will be much more intense but will extend over a much smaller area.

Non-Tactical Use

The beam patter is focusable and very even making this an excellent inspection light. For example, if you are buying a house then buy this light and bring it when inspecting prospective homes. The wide and even beam pattern will allow you to easily see flaws in walls, floors, and cabinets. The focused beam will allow to inspect attics and crawl spaces and see greater distances. If you need to inspect machinery then the power and even beam pattern would make this an excellent flashlight to use. I also use this flashlight when photographing dark spaces such as old buildings and forts.


  • Runtime of 6 hours on high is longer than similar flashlights
  • Dull finish makes the flashlight very easy to grip
  • The focused beam throws the light for a considerable distance
  • Semi-aggressive bezel would make it an effective tactical weapon


  • I do NOT like the way the flashlight cycles through the light modes
  • The sheath is sturdy but it can be difficult to remove the flashlight quickly
  • The octagon on the tail of the flashlight is unnecessary and makes it difficult to remove the flashlight from the shealth
  • Elastic on the inside of the sheath makes the flashlight difficult to remove


There are other lights that I prefer as an everyday carry (EDC) light but this is a very nice flashlight to add to my collection. The sliding head allows you to focus the beam for greater distance. I purchased this flashlight specifically for photographing dark places such as old military forts. I wanted a light with an even beam and plenty of light output. This flashlight is also excellent for inspections. If you are purchasing a house then you might want to use this light when inspecting houses. The strong and even beam pattern makes it easy to see imperfections in walls, molding, floors, etc. If you need to inspect vehicles then this might be an ideal light your you. This flashlight has a much longer runtime than most lights that use two CR-123 batteries. If you want a nice light to carry on your belt and you want a focusable, even beam pattern then the E-VAC is a good choice.