Checklist: Home

The checklist for home supplies is long but don’t panic. You probably have most of these items already and many of them are very inexpensive. Make sure that items on the list are available and easy to access.

Safety Equipment

Fire Extinguishers located in strategic locations in the house
Smoke Detectors in key locations
Carbon Monoxide Detectors in key locations


Multiple Change of Clothes
Sturdy Shoes or Boots
Gloves for working and waterproof gloves
Warm Clothes and thermal underwear
Hat for rain/sun protection
Rain Gear
Socks & Underwear
Budding such as blankets, sleeping bag, pillow

Food, Water, Cooking

Water stored and ready to use (1 gallon per person per day)
Fire starters including matches, lighters, tinder, etc.
Water Purifier in case the water supply is tainted
Food including pantry food and longer-term foods
Cook Stove that can be operated off-grid
Cooler for ice, frozen food, etc.
Aluminum Foil for cooking a variety of uses
Plastic Wrap for food storage
Manual Can Opener that requires NO electricity
Bottle Opener
Resealable Plastic Bags for a variety of storage needs

Personal Care

First Aid kit
Insect Repellent
Soaps for hands, bathing, and laundry
Shampoo for hair care (can also use soap)
Stomach Medication including antacids, anti-diarrhea, etc.
Sunscreen to protect skin from direct sunlight
Baking Soda can be used for cleaning, toothpaste, stomach antacid, etc.
Petroleum Jelly or Carmex for dry skin, parched lips, and as a firestarter


Weather Radio with NOAA and normal radio stations (battery/solar powered)
Clock (battery/solar powered)
Knife Sharpener to keep a sharp edge on your knives
Multimeter to check circuits and batteries
Saw to cut downed branches and trees
Shutoff Tools for gas and water mains
Tire Pump for vehicles, bicycles, air mattresses, etc.
Fuel for chainsaw, stoves, lanterns, etc.
WD40 for tool cleaning, maintenance, unfreezing stuck parts/tools
Penetrating Oil for unfreezing stuck parts/tools
Carburetor Cleaner for cleaning vehicle parts, chainsaw, etc.
Engine Oil for vehicles, chainsaw, small engines, general lubricating
Eyeglass Tools including micro screwdrivers

Batteries, Illumination

Illumination including lanterns, flashlights, candles, etc.
Batteries both disposable and rechargeable (with extras)
Solar Charger for batteries
Phone charger for car, USB, and solar

Shelter, Warmth, and General Items

Tape for repairs including duct tape and electrical tape
Warmth using blankets, sleeping bags, etc.
Plastic Sheeting that could cover broken windows
First Aid supplies
Paracord can have a myriad of uses
Tarps for temporary window/roof repair and general use
Whistle that is very loud and multi-frequency
Entertainment Items such as books, puzzles, playing cards, etc.

Documents and Miscellaneous

Identification such as driver’s license, passport, etc.
Money including cash, coins, and credit cards
Extra Keys for house, car, safe, file cabinets, etc.
Contact List with emergency numbers, addresses, etc.
Maps of the general area (do NOT rely on GPS)
Documents (details)
Pet Supplies including food, water, medicine, toys

You probably have many (or most) of these items in your home or garage already. Take inventory of what you have and make these items easy to find and access.