Review: Leatherman Bit Extender

The Leatherman Bit Extender is a an accessory kit that adds a great deal of versatility to bit-compatible Leatherman multitools. The stainless steel bit extender connects to the interchangeable bit tool to give the bits more reach. It accepts Leatherman flat bits and standard ¼” hex bits. Carry it on the side of the nylon or leather sheaths. It seems much more secure in the leather sheath. It felt more apt to fall out of my nylon sheath. The flat bits fit cross-ways in the extender. The Leatherman multitool becomes much more versatile with the addition of the Bit Extender. My multitool case has room for one bit card. I took the extender bits and the bits included with the multitool and combined bits to create a bit card that works best for my needs.