Refilling Propane Bottles

Many portable propane devices such as camp stoves, lanterns, and heaters use the one pound canisters (often called “Coleman Bottles”). These 1# bottles are very convenient to carry but they can get a bit pricey to use. The bottles cost about $5 each and some devices can empty these canisters fairly quickly.

You can refill these one pound canisters if you have an refill adapter and a larger propane tank. It should cost about $0.75 to refill a 1# bottle and it keeps the canister out of the landfill. Four 1# bottles contain about one gallon of propane. At $5 per bottle this means that the propane costs about $20/gallon. Propane generally costs around $3 per gallon. You can refill the 1# bottles using a refill adapter, a larger propane tank, and a little bit of care. I found some YouTube videos showing how to refill the one-pound bottles:

Be EXTREMELY careful when refilling propane bottles!