Review: CamelBak Unbottle 3L

At first the CamelBak Unbottle looks like a product that does not make sense. After further consideration I purchased an Unbottle and now recommend it. The Unbottle consists of a 3 liter, 100 ounce, hydration bladder, hydration hose, bite valve, and cover. The cover insulates and protects the water bladder.

The Unbottle consists of a hydration bladder with hose and an insulating cover. The cover has a small strap at the top and some hooks on the side. The Unbottle does NOT substitute for a hydration pack. I use the Unbottle as a component in my modular pack system. These are reasons why I like the Unbottle:

Protected Water Bladder: The sturdy, insulated cover protects the plastic water bladder and forces the bladder to retain its shape. I was going to use a bare bladder in my tactical pack but the pack would offer only limited protection for the bladder. I can also quickly remove the Unbottle making it easier to refill.

Insulated: The thick, rugged cover of the Unbottle also provides insulation.

Modular: The Unbottle is easy to move and I can quickly transfer it from my Bugout Bag to my full backpack. The Unbottle can be removed so that it is easy to transport to a water source and refill.

Side Hooks: If I need more room in my pack the Unbottle can be easy attached to the outside of my pack. I will probably not need to do this but I like having that option available should it be needed.

Price: The price of the Unbottle was about 50% more than the price of the water bladder alone. The street price for a bladder alone is around $30 and the Unbottle is about $45 and includes the $30 bladder. Spending a little extra to have a protective cover for a water bladder is good value in my humble opinion.


The Unbottle is not a necessity but it is a very nice addition to your modular pack system. It is affordable, includes a large water bladder, provides excellent protection of the water bladder, makes transferring the bladder to other packs very easy, and can be mounted externally on the pack. For the price and added versatility I really can’t think of any reason to not add an Unbottle to your kit or Bugout Bag. There is also a 2-liter version of the unbottle but I prefer the larger 3-liter version.