Review: Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA

The Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA is one of my favorite flashlights because it does so many things well. This small light fits well in the palm of my hand and is just long enough to protract slightly when gripped. It sells for between about $40-$60 and generates a 350 lumen beam with 6,500 candelas. The dual fuel option was a huge factor in my decision to purchase this light. The front and read caps have a semi-aggressive pattern that would be effective if it was used as a striking weapon. The grip areas of the light was knurled to make it easy to grip.

  • Construction: The 1L-1AA is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and has a fairly aggressive striking pattern on both the head and tail. The threads are tight and very smooth and an O-ring provides additional water sealing.
  • Size: At 4.5″ long and 0.95″ diameter (head, 0.85″ barrel) it is small enough to fit in my pants pocket but large enough to fit with width of my palm. The diameter is just large enough for my fingers to wrap around the body of the light.
  • Batteries: A HUGE advantage of the 1L-1AA is it can use either a CR123 battery to produce 350 lumens or a AA to produce 150 lumens. I use the CR123 but it is nice to know that I could use a AA as a backup. The lower battery contact is spring loaded to accommodate the larger AA battery directly. This feature distinguishes this light from all others that I have seen.
  • Battery Life: CR-123 (high) 350 lumens for 1.5 hours, (low) 40 lumens for 14 hours
    AA Alkaline (high) 150 lumens for 1 hour 20 minutes, (low) 40 lumens for 7.5 hours
    AA Lithium (high) 350 lumens for 4.25 hours, (low) 40 lumens for 14 hours
  • Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • Durability: Withstands 1-meter drop.
  • Price: $40-$60 which is a very fair price for a flashlight of this quality.
  • Features: High/strobe/low modes and Ten-Tap Programming to switch to High/Low or Low/High mode.
  • Beam Pattern: 40″ x 7″ at 3′ (Beam Scale)
  • Power Fail: No low battery indicator and the flashlight will fail when the AA battery gets to 1.18v, or the CR-123 battery gets to 2.83v.

If you want an everyday carry (EDC) flashlight then this is normally the one that I recommend. It is a good size for most people, generates a bright beam, and uses duel fuel. If you have larger hands then consider the Streamlight 2L or one of the longer flashlights.


This is my personal everyday carry (EDC) light. I took months deciding which flashlight to purchase and this was my choice. I keep trying to find a better light and I keep coming back to this one. Some of the reasons I really like this flashlight:

  • 350 lumens on high and 40 lumens on low
  • Aluminum construction with tactical bezels on the front and back
  • Small size allows me to easily conceal it in my pants pocket
  • Large enough to fit all the way across my palm
  • Double sided clip
  • Dual battery so I can use an AA if necessary


This is still my favorite flashlight but there are a few minor flaws in this product.

  • No low battery indicator: This light will work fine until the batteries get low and then it will stop working with very little warning. If you needed to light in a tactical situation and the batteries were low you may have a completely non-working light.
  • Others have reported that the clip will easily lose its shape and not grip the body of the light over time. I have not experienced these issues and have been carrying the flashlight daily for well over a year.
  • The light does not tail-stand easily. While this is a disadvantage if you want to tail-stand the light it means that the button is easier to press use to less material on the back of the light.

These are minor disadvantages and should NOT dissuade you from purchasing this light. This is still my favorite everyday carry flashlight.

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