Streamlight Siege

The Streamlight Siege is just a good, solid product that is well constructed and does its job very well. The Siege sells for about $30-40 and runs on three D-cell batteries. When browsing in a store this might be a product that you would quickly pass by. It is more expensive than similar products and is not flashy. However, in my opinion, this is the product to purchase.

It has three white light modes and two red light modes:

  • Low white light: 33 lumens runs for 295 hours
  • Medium white light: 175 lumens runs for 70 hours
  • High white light: 340 lumens runs for 30 hours
  • High red light: 10 lumens runs for 235 hours (9.7 days)
  • Red flashing SOS mode for emergency signaling: 10 lumens runs 430 hours (17.9 days)

Press the power button to activate the light, and press again to move through the lighting modes. Press and hold the button to toggle between white light and red light modes. The lantern can be hung right-side up or upside down. The handle allows the lantern to be hung on the edge of tables, cords, or branches. You can remove the diffuser cover and hang the Siege upside down to provide more even lighting (works well inside tents).

The selling points for me with this lantern are the durability and the red light. The Siege is very durable and can easily withstand one meter drops onto concrete. It is IPX7 waterproof and can be submerged in water for 30 minutes and it floats. The red light can be used for emergency signaling. If you have car trouble you can put the Siege in red blinking mode to alert others. The flat areas on the main body help eliminate rolling and the square rubber feet on the base help it to not slip.

When I worked at an outdoors store I would routinely show this lantern to customers. They would be unimpressed since they can purchase a similar looking lantern for about $10. Then I would drop the Siege onto the hard floor (thin, carpet covered concrete). I would then say that in an emergency situation you need to the light to function even when subject to dropping and abuse. That would usually close the sale.


This is a larger, higher-output lantern is not flashy or gimmicky. It is just a bright, durable, effective, and affordable lantern. This product does one job and does it very well. If you need a smaller lantern then consider the Streamlight Siege AA.