Review: Streamlight Stinger HPL

The Streamlight Stinger HPL is a large, durable, ultra high-power flashlight, that uses a single 75375 NiMh rechargeable battery to generate a 800-lumen beam at 48,000 candelas. This is NOT an Everyday Carry or concealable flashlight. This is a large flashlight that is about 9.2″ long, weights over 13 oz., and includes two charging docks. This type of flashlight is intended for heavy use environments in demanding conditions such as first responders, security professionals, safety personnel, etc.

This is a heavy use service light that includes two charging docks. Many users will use one dock in a vehicle and the other in an office. The battery life is 1.25 hours on full power. When not in use the flashlight is normally stored in one of the charging docks.

  • Construction: High impact polymer body
  • Size: The¬†HPL is large at 9.2″ long
  • Waterproof: The Stinger HPL is rated at IPX4 water resistant
  • Features: High, medium, low, and strobe modes
  • Battery: Replaceable 75375 NiMh battery
  • Light Output: (high) 740 lumens at 48,000 candelas for 1.25 hours
  • Beam Pattern: 35″ x 4″ at 3′ (Beam Scale)


This is NOT a normal household flashlight. This flashlight is intended for heavy, everyday use. The beam pattern is tight with an extremely intense hotspot. The dual chargers allow the light to be recharged in both an office and vehicle. In the hands of a trained user this heavy duty flashlight would make a formidable weapon.