Streamlight makes a wide variety of extremely durable, tactical, and non-tactical flashlights, weapon lights, and lanterns. I own several Streamlight lights incluing the 1L-1AA, HL, Stylus Pro, and Siege AA lanterns. Here are my current Streamlight reviews:

Tony’s Non-Exhaustive List of Flashlight Reviews

I own a number of Strealight flashlights including the Protac HL and multiple Stylus Pros. The Protac 1L-1AA is my everyday carry light. Streamlights have a nice beam pattern and are extremely durable and reliable.

My biggest complaint against the Streamlights is the lack of a low battery indicator. My 1L-1AA and HL will work fine one day and be almost dead the next day. If I needed to use the flashlight in a tactical situation I need to know that it is going to work at full power. If the power is low, and I don’t know that, then I could be in a very situation if I am confronted by a someone trying to do me harm. I would also like them to default to a tactical strobe mode. I can use the TEN-TAP to set the flashlight to high-strobe-low, low-high, or high-low. I would want a mode where it could be strobe-high-low. This way if I need to strobe an attacker I would have a single click of the tail switch to activate the light in strobe mode. Some of the other manufacturers, such as Fenix, use a side switch that provides immediate access to the tactical strobe.

My wife has a Fenix UC35 and I am very impressed by this light. Checkout my review of the Fenix UC35 flashlight.