Review: Cabela’s E-VAC Rechargeable

The Cabela’s E-VAC Rechargeable is nearly identical to the Cabela’s 2 CR-123. Please read the review of the E-VAC 2CR flashlight before reading this review. Differences between the E-VAC 2CR and the E-VAC Rechargeable include:

  • 360 lumen output (2CR is 300 lumen)
  • Single 18650 battery (2CR uses 2 CR-123s)
  • External recharger included


I really flashlights with an even beam pattern for photography and inspections. The rechargeable battery makes sense for those who use their flashlight frequently. This light would excellent for a trucker who needs to do daily equipment inspections. The focusable beam can also provide a narrow, long distance beam for reading distant signs or address numbers. If you purchase an additional 18650 battery or two then you could have a hot spare when the flashlight battery goes flat.