Sawyer Squeeze

The Sawyer Squeeze is the big brother of the Sawyer Mini. It connects to a (1) water bottle, (2) bladder (included), or (3) placed inline on a hydration pack. The Squeeze is slightly larger than the Mini and can filter a greater volume of water more quickly. Reasons that I like the Sawyer Squeeze include:

  • Filters to 0.1 microns which is better than nearly all filters
  • Long lasting and will filter up to 100,000 gallons
  • Can attach to a bladder (included) or standard water bottle
  • Small and can be easily carried
  • All-in-One kit allows filter to connect to a bucket
  • Reasonably priced at about $50ish
  • Easily cleaned by backflushing

Two Kits Available

The Squeeze is available in two different kits. Both kits use the same filter but they include different accessories.

The Personal Squeeze Kit includes the filter, backflush syringe, three bladders, and straw. I recommend this kit for hiking and vehicle kits. Use the three bladders for storing and filtering water. Take a Sharpie pen and write DIRTY on one of the large bladders and then always use this bladder for the unfiltered water. Use only filtered water in the other two bladders. This way you will not contaminate your clean water.

The All-in-One Squeeze Kit includes the Personal Kit plus bucket fittings (including a spade bit to drill the hole). With the bucket kit you can use the Squeeze as a higher volume gravity filter. Water added to the bucket flows through the Squeeze filter to filtered water container. If you are building a home kit then also consider the Sawyer Zero PointTwo filter.


I carry a Sawyer Mini in my hiking kit and I have a Sawyer Point ZERO Two filter at home. I think every hiking kit or vehicle kit should include a Sawyer Mini or Sawyer Squeeze. These filters are effective, small, long lasting, and affordably priced. Use the Mini for personal use, the Squeeze if you need a greater volume of water, and the Zero PointTwo for the finest level of filtration.