Review: Streamlight ProTac HL3

The Streamlight ProTac HL3 is a durable, ultra high-power flashlight, that uses three CR123 batteries to generate an 1,100 lumen beam at 36,000 candelas. At 7.4″ long and a head diameter of 1.6″ this is a larger flashlight. The HL3 comes with three CR123 batteries, a tactical belt holster, and sells for about $80. The aircraft aluminum body of the HL4 is the same diameter and uses the same tail cap as the HL. It will NOT use rechargeable batteries.

The HL3 tactical light generates a remarkable 1,100 lumens at 36,000 candelas. The front and rear have semi-aggressive strike bezels that would make an effective weapon. The body is very comfortable to grip. Many of the other Streamlights such as the HL, PolyTac, 1L-1AA produce a beam with a very hot center and the light decreases significantly towards the outer edges of the beam. The HL3 has a very noticeable hotspot but it produces a brighter and more even beam for the entire diameter of the beam.

  • Construction: The HL3 is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, has semi-aggressive striking bezels on both the head and tail, threads are tight and smooth, and sealed with an O-ring.
  • Size: The HL3 is large (7.4″ long) and would work well on a service belt.
  • Waterproof: The HL3 is rated at IPX7 waterproof.
  • Features: Has high, strobe, and low modes. You can also change the light mode using the Ten-Tap programming feature.
  • Batteries: Uses three CR123 lithium batteries.
  • Light Output: (high) 1,100 lumens at 36,000 candelas for 2 hours, (low) 35 lumens at 1,200 candelas for 43 hours.
  • Beam Pattern: 40″ x 7″ at 3′ (Beam Scale)
  • Power Fail: No low battery indicator and the flashlight will significantly dime when the CR-123 battery gets to 2.84v.

Things I like about this ultra high-power flashlight:

  • The beam pattern is very nice. There is a definite hotspot but entire diameter of the beam is bright
  • While this is a large flashlight it is still a manageable size for a utility belt
  • Nice tactical belt holster included


If you are looking for a high-power tactical light then this is a good choice. This would be a good choice for first responders that do not use the light extensively. The CR123 batteries are still a bit expensive and with a runtime of only 2 hours on high power it could get expensive to operate if it were used extensively.