Review: Streamlight PolyTac

The Streamlight PolyTac is an extremely durable, high-power flashlight constructed from a very tough nylon polymer. It sells for about $40 and generates a 275 beam at 9,500 candelas. This light output should temporarily blind an attacker using either the high-beam or strobe modes. The front and read caps have a semi-aggressive pattern to make it an effective striking weapon. The grip areas are textured and easy to grip and it includes a nylon holster.

  • Construction: Extremely tough nylon polymer, tight/smooth threads, O-ring for water sealing, removable clip, extremely durable and can withstand a 3-meter drop (other Streamlights withstand 1-2 meter drops)
  • Size: Small enough for everyday carry (EDC), diameter is large enough to hold effectively, long enough to fit across your palm when gripped tightly, and fits a variety of weapon mounts
  • Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof to 1-meter for 30 minutes
  • Durability: Withstands 3-meter drop
  • Features: High/Strobe/Low modes with Ten-Tap programming to switch it to High/Low only or Low/High only
  • Batteries: Two CR123 batteries with 3-hour run time on high
  • Light Output: High: 275 lumens, 9,50 candelas, 3 hour run time
    Low: 14 lumens, 500 candelas, 65-hour runtime.
  • Beam Pattern: 41″ x 6″ at 3′ (Beam Scale)

If you want a very tough, bright, everyday carry flashlight then consider this one. I worked someone who dropped his PolyTac while riding his motorcycle at 40 MPH. His light had a few scuffs and one of the nubs on the tail was beveled a bit but the PolyTac worked fine. For me it was a tough call choosing between the PolyTac and the Streamlight 1L-1AA. The Polytac has slightly lower lumen output than the 1L-1AA but slightly higher candela output.