Review: Streamlight Stylus Pro

The StreamLight Stylus Pro is a small, non-tactical flashlight that packs a good amount of lighting in a small package. It is about the size of a highlighter pen and is easy to carry. My headlamp uses AAA batteries and I use the Stylus Pro as a backup light. It uses the same batteries and my headlamp, has a long runtime, is very lightweight, and relatively bright. When building your hiking and emergency packs try to use devices that use the same type of batteries.

Features include:

  • Beam: 90 lumens at 860 candela with 58m beam
  • Runtime: A very impressive 6.5 hour runtime from two AAA batteries
  • Holster: Tear-resistant nylon holster included
  • Construction: Anodized aircraft aluminum with polycarbonate lens
  • Durability: IPX4 water-resistant and impact resistant to 1 meter
  • Size/Weight: About the size of a marker (5.3″ long) and 1.64 oz
  • Beam Pattern: 48″ x 10″ at 3′ (Beam Scale)
  • Colors: Black, silver, blue, red, orange, green
  • Cost: About $20-$30

It is just a good, basic, small flashlight that is extremely easy to carry and use. It has a very long run time, uses two AAA batteries, and has two modes (ON and OFF), and the body is machined from aircraft aluminum. Once again StreamLight created a simple product that does its job very well. At less than $25 it is affordable and well worth that price.

This light is NOT a replacement for a high-powered tactical flashlight but it is a good addition to your light collection. If you want to carry a basic, non-tactical flashlight then this one is small, affordable, easy to carry, and has a very long runtime.


This is an excellent light to include in a hiking and emergency kit. You should have two forms of light in your kits and these two lights should use the same type of batteries. I use a Black Diamond Spot headlamp as my primary light and a Stylus Pro as my backup light. Both use AAA batteries and both have a very long runtime.