THRIVE Enhanced Soup

You can use THRIVE meats and vegetables to enhance existing soups and ramen. Place your soup in a pan and add whatever THRIVE products that you like. Heat the soup on a low heat. This allows the THRIVE to rehydrate and cook. You can use THRIVE to turn a boring soup into something tasty and more healthy.

The THRIVE enhanced ramen can work particularly well with kids. If they can make ramen then they can make healthier and more flavorful THRIVE ramen. All they need to do is heat the ramen water, after the water is hot add a variety of THRIVE ingredients, add the ramen noodles and cook as normal. The enhanced ramen will taste better and have more nutritional value.

Since THRIVE products are cleaned, cut, and ready to use all you need to do is open the can and add some product. If you want finely chopped product then place the product in your hand and crush it. Good food can be very easy to make.